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Retail stores have been a growing market segment for us over the last 8 years. Retail work requires a firm understanding of deadlines and the need to get the job right the first time. We have been fortunate to work for the companies below, and we are very proud to have them as customers.



Godiva has been one of our customers that has pushed us out of our comfort zone on a few occasions. While there were some difficult learning curves, we have to thank them with being the catalyst that moved us into stone fabrication.


Abercrombie has contracted us for some of the restrooms in their stores as well as some cashier stands. In the last few years their decor has moved towards more metal counters and away from our products. We look forward to the chance to work with them again when they redo the decor next time.



Target has used our services to fabricate restrooms and in-store food service. Target has been installing more elaborate food courts in their store to help keep the customers within the store and enjoying the shopping experience for longer periods of time.


We were lucky to be chosen for this award winning design.​ This was a very challenging design as well as a very difficult environment to manage the installation. This was our first exposure to working in an International Airport Terminal with the heavy safety and security concerns. It was a great experience and to be involved with "The Best Business Class Lounge" by World Airline Awards, was icing on the cake.


Other clients include:


The Gap

Marshall Fields



Old Navy

Dover Downs

Resorts Casino